Rich Webster webpage guru

I’m so excited. I’m with Rich Webster getting advice on building my webpage and getting it more accessible. He solved the uploading problem where I couldn’t upload any of my images. Significant issue to solve!

I don’t claim to know much or wish to become an expert in webpage building or maintenance. Having an expert when I need one will allow me to be good at what I do then mediocre at a lot of things. Happy!

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Time of the Magician

My last update included working on my darkroom. It is not finished and probably won’t be for a while, but it is useable. For the first time in about two years I got back into it and printed a negative from my time in France in 2003. It’s a joy to have a darkroom which is designed for just that purpose.

What’s changed since I was in the darkroom last? Obviously I revamped the darkroom. I went through a series of relationship seminars that changed my perspective on about pretty much everything. Have a look at Love Works — it changed my life. Before that year was over, I found myself in a very serious relationship I expect I’ll be in for the rest of my life. It’s not a surprise that I have moved to a new residence. I have allowed the ManKind Project to enter my life and now regularly have the opportunity to better the man I see in the mirror. Oh, and I purchased a digital camera as well as an Epson 3800 printer.

Why is all that data important to me “as a photographer”? I now have the opportunity to photograph what I’m most interested in which is people with freer more compassionate emotions. Nevertheless, my emphasis on form will never change but dating a belly dance instructor and working on that guy who stares back at me in the mirror has opened up a whole new world for me.


The stretch: my significant other and I go for walks and the camera is allowed on most of them. I intend to print a small image from each of those walks, good or bad and to post them when I get that page setup.


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Darkroom revamp

This entire summer I have been rebuilding my darkroom, putting up shelves to get paper,  glass, frames, mat board and the like off of the floor and accessible in an organized way. It almost a cathartic experience to have the room work for me than the other way around. Pictures later.

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I’m Back!

I’m an artist

and I took some time off. One of the things I did was take a few ceramics classes. This video inspires me!

Ceramics Masters: Sanat Nedir? Sorusunun en güzel cevab?…

Currently, I cannot upload any images. That’ll be solved in a day or so. Also, this link to Youtube I want to stay on my page. I’ll need to learn how or if I can do that.

Expect some things in the very near future!

Dana Bruce is Back!


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B&W issue 88

Placed in the color section to better express the soft tone with exquisite detail the platinum print is so well known for.

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B & W Issue 86 in Color

Given that platinum prints are not the cold gray almost bluish Modernist gelatin silver prints of the past, I experimented with having my ad in the color section. Nevertheless, my prints are cooler than most platinum prints because of the ‘Ware’ process I use. My take on the outcome: it’s more saturated and higher in contrast than the original, but the color is correct. What do you think?

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Canon ipf5000 printer

I have purchased a used but in good condition Canon ipf5000 printer. It’s much like the Epson 4800 I presume. In the coming weeks, I’ll find out if you can use its inks on Pictorico OHP.

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Armchair Trek: Developing Your Photographer’s Eye with Dana Bruce

Here’s the blurb on my lecture tomorrow on composition and design:

March 30, 2011 7:00 to 8:30p.m.

Dana Bruce, photography instructor at Sierra College, will be guiding us to be able to recognize and capture scenes that can evoke a strong emotional response by the viewer. The exercise is learning to see the world through a “frame” and to see the world as “elements of design” rather than three dimensional objects.

This event will be followed up with an outdoor field trip on April 10 where you can practice and hone your newly acquired knowledge.

For specific details check out the Nevada County Land Trust‘s website.

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A New Linen Paper for all Siderotype (Iron-based) Processes

A New Linen Paper for all Siderotype (Iron-based) Processes which includes Platinum.

In a recent email, Dr. Mike Ware gave the exciting news of this new paper. In his email he stated that “the commercial supplies of cotton furnishings for high quality papermaking have become increasingly unreliable”. Ruscombe Mill at Margaux, France, which will produce the new linen paper will aptly name it “Herschel” after Sir John Frederick William Herschel, the inventor of Cyanotype and other alternative processes.

Ware elaborated that “[the new paper] will differ from all other alternative process papers in being handmade from 100% linen cellulose fibre (i.e. made entirely from the best quality flax, not cotton).”

The following from his email explains the difference between the two agricultural products. I’m especially intrigued by the fact that linen is “less elastic” than cotton.

COTTON is a ‘seed fibre’ from the seed hairs of Gossypium hirsutum. The fibre has an average length of 25 mm and a width of 0.019 mm. Its appearance is of a flat ribbon with an internal cavity (the ‘lumen’), rather like a deflated inner-tube of a bike tyre, which is twisted in the unprocessed state:-

LINEN is a ‘bast fibre’ from the stem of the Common Flax plant, Linum usitatissimum. Its fibre has a similar size to cotton, but is cylindrical with a thick cell wall and an internal cavity (the ‘lumen’) of relatively small diameter. It has periodic knots or nodules, so resembles bamboo. When beaten it fibrillates more extensively than cotton, so forms a stronger, less elastic paper sheet:-

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Light travels in a straight line except….

This book is delightful. Published in 1939 it really approaches concepts in a “straight” forward way!

There are four ways that light is bent:

  1. By gravitation: such as when it passes by a star.
  2. Reflection: when it bounces off of an object.
  3. Refraction: when it passes through a transparent medium to another, your feet in water for example.
  4. Diffraction: when it passes through a small opening or passes by a sharp edge.

Reflection is what allows us to see objects, and the part of the white light that does reflect is what gives us our color.

Diffraction is quite interesting because it is what allows a “pin hole” to produce an image on the back wall of a dark room for example, and it is also why using small apertures on lenses causes a less sharp image. Geeky stuff but interesting!

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