Light and the human eye.

Unexpectedly I found two books on my desk recently from the “Little Technical Company” published in 1939. Perusing the pages of “Filters and Their Uses” it gave graphs of the light sensitivity of different films of the time but also included the human eye. I knew from the past that the human eye was not as sensitive to red or violet as the other colors but I had no idea that it was most sensitive to yellow. In fact it specifies that the light sensitivity of the human eye to visual light follows a bell curve (my term) and precipitously falls off outside the 500 to 600 angstroms of visual light. Visual light, the light the human eye can see starts at 400 angstroms and goes to 700 angstroms. Film does not follow this sensitivity, and I doubt does the sensor in digital cameras. Just a passing thought.

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The show is now down

I took the show down today. It’s interesting how some people preferred the Bristle Cone Pines, others preferred the Aspens; some preferred the single images while others preferred the larger four framed images; some liked the lines and others were bothered by them. Overall it was a nice turnout.

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Tintypes at the Tin House

A wonderful show of one-of-a-kind tintypes by Kathryn Mayo and Doug Winter at a new venue in Grass Valley opposite the Fair Grounds. Call ahead as they’re only open by appointment: (530) 264-6900. 11209 McCourtney Road, The show runs from February 5th till March 2nd, 2011.

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2 hours of fame are over, time to grade papers!

The reception went well. Lots of people showed up with plenty loving to talk about their experiences with the Bristle Cone Pines, others curious about the platinum process–it was a wonderful event!

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Reception Tomorrow 2/12/2011 4-6 p.m.

Preparation for the reception: the prints are hung, titles placed, artist statement on its way from the printers, lighting acceptable–all that’s left to do is prepare the food:

  • Tamari Sauce & Scotch marinated Tri-tip skewered
  • Avocado, Artichoke, Green Olive dip (if we can find the avocados today)
  • Asparagus Spears with Aioli
  • Cashews
  • Swiss Cheese and Multi-Grain Crackers
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies & Mom’s Ginger Cookies

Given the reception coincides with Grass Valley’s Second Saturday event, there should be a reasonable turnout. Looking forward to it!

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Hanging this Monday 2/7/11

The prints are coming down from PointClickPrint and moving to the Center for the Arts this Monday. The coming Saturday is Grass Valley’s February second Saturday with an art walk and wine tastings. I think they have five winery tasting rooms to choose from, one which represents four wineries. I’ll be preparing food for 75 to 100 people and wine can be purchased from the Center for the Arts as well. Really looking forward to being out there in my local community!

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My first Solo Show

This will be my first Solo show and will be at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley from February 7th to March 7th 2011 with a reception on Saturday February 12th, 4 to 6 and will be of my platinum palladium work of Bristle Cone Pines currently shown on this webpage.

Ok, most will be asking why would I now be having my first solo show after having been a fine art photographer for well over ten years!?! Hmm, all I have are excuses. When I was living in Germany, I learned, for their culture anyway, the necessity for understatement. Couple this with my nature to tout other peoples accomplishments over my own, I have found every excuse to Not ‘put myself out there’.

The answer: “It’s time!” Of course, it was time a long time ago but hey….

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B&W advertisement

I’ve confirmed that I will be running four ads this year for issues 82, 84, 86, and 88, the first one coming out this next issue. I will be adding in the ads that I am represented at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center. As an aside I have been for quite a few years.

© 2010 Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, Inc. All rights reserved.
2015 J. Street, Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95811-3124
Phone: 916-441-2341 – Email:

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Viewpoint Print Exchange

Viewpoint has been such a wonderful resource for Sacramento. The “print exchange” or a white elephant present exchange was really delightful this year with 67 entries and maybe 100 to 150 people attending. There was some really excellent prints that people brought in. Really a quality display of talent. Very nice!

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My new found Spice: Panch Phoron

So I followed a recipe for making an indian flavored cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving using Panch Phoron or five whole seed spices that was successful last Thanksgiving, but I wanted to use the whole seeds that the name calls for, and not what I found on the shelf. Boy is this recipe a winner and easy. Check out Rohini Dey’s Panch Puran Cranberry Chutney recipe. He is the owner of the Vermilion restaurant in Chicago.

!Do be careful with the tablespoon of Chili Powder! Some is hot and some is not, and I’ve verified that both work just as well depending on the preferences of the guests.

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