Canon ipf5000 printer

I have purchased a used but in good condition Canon ipf5000 printer. It’s much like the Epson 4800 I presume. In the coming weeks, I’ll find out if you can use its inks on Pictorico OHP.

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  1. dana says:

    Addendum: the heads need to be replaced and there is no guarantee that the Canon ipf5000 has the versatility the Epson counterpart has on printing with Pictorico OHP. My research found that Canon has these following specs:

    Photo Black Ink
    ? Special 1 – 160%
    ? Special 2 – 180%
    ? Special 3 – 200%
    ? Special 4 – 220%
    ? Special 5 – 240%
    ? Premium Gloss – 240%
    ? Heavyweight Semi-Gloss – 240%

    • Matte Black Ink
    ? Fine Art – 220%
    ? Premium Matte – 220%

    Later they came up with Specials 6 through 10 which will adjust the Matt Black ink with the varying percentages with the 6000 series. Without this feature, the ipf5000 may turn out to be difficult to work with.

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