Finding the right match between paper tint, platinum hue and matt color

Ultimately it’s all aesthetics. Previous posts have stated that my current learning curve is with digital negatives. So, I added a few 2/14 x 3/14 negatives to the mix increasing their size modestly on the long side of four inches. The size makes for a very intimate image. Given that I’m in the experimental stage, I printed them with traditional palladium to verify my previous notes, and then window mounted them to 8×10 with the matt board I had handy.

I had forgotten just how bad some combinations are. The Rising White matt board, not rag, is green. What an awful combination. So, down to Delta Matt and Moulding I went yesterday which is now called DeltaHK, and I purchased 16 different matts from three different producers: Rising, Crescent and Bainbridge from colors of cold white to Cream. I’m tired of trying to visualize with the swatches how the image will look. Now I’ll have an idea.

Of course, the matt that will work with the Westons Diploma which is cream will not work with the Buxton which is cold. And just how the paper’s tint and the hue of the actual platinum will match with the color of the matt is exactly the reason I bought all the matts in the first place.

Oh yay, all the matts are rag!

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