How grateful I am!

Fog has rolled in for us here in the Sierra Foothills. It was pretty chilly these last few days. But what a wonderful Thanksgiving it has been. For those who’ve perused my blog, it’s obvious that I love to cook. Well Thanksgiving was a resounding success. I’ll admit it to the world: “Alton Brown is my hero!” I followed his directions for cooking a turkey starting with brining down, to adhering the medieval cover over the breast meat, to pulling the turkey not at 160°F or 162°F but at 161°F. Of course with my current thermometers I was lucky to be within 10 degrees of that. But wow, even the non-foodies are commenting on how succulent and juicy the leftovers are.

Experimenting in the kitchen and tinkering in the darkroom for me are one and the same thing. I need to understand why things work. Mr. Brown just ran one of his reruns on the baking of an American tradition: the chocolate chip cookie though he had to call them chocolate morsels. There are three different textures created by adjusting the quantities of the ingredients creating crisp, spongy or chewy cookies. Oh Joy do I love this! I am so grateful to the Food Network for having Mr. Brown allow us these discoveries.

Such specifics are lacking in the printing of platinum. But first I must give my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Mike Ware for mastering the printing out of Platinum Palladium, and to Butler Deardon Paper Service for producing the Weston’s Diploma Parchment – Plat Pal paper. I’m not the type to discover these processes nor to make my own paper, I, however, like to consider myself competent in being able to put them to good use.

In the spirit of my hero, I have included in these pages my discoveries in the printing of platinum so that others don’t have to rediscover them over and over. Two trite sayings come to mind “The devil is in the details” and ” Practice, practice, practice”.

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  1. dana says:

    Experimenting and tinkering are one or is one?!? I’ve forgotten my rudimentary English skills!

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