Humidity is paramount with the Ware process.

My humidifier broke recently and haven’t replaced it yet. I had done all of my tests at an ambient humidity of 58 to 68%. I follow a strict protocol when taking the coated paper from the humidity chamber to the contact printing frame. The time can be counted in seconds. The closed cell neoprene that blocks the moister from escaping in the contact printer frame, I lay on a paper towel that I’ve spritzed with water. I’ve got this down to an art but alas, the humidity in the room was 42-44% and a color shift towards orange was all to apparent.

The difference must be that the negative is in the room and holds the ambient moister. Clearly if it’s 40% or 70% that should cause some change in the process. I’m not sure how to solve this problem other than keeping the room at 60% humidity in the first place of which is not easy in California!

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