Platinum Print Out versus Develop Out

Just a note to self to develop this idea: I’ve had trouble which is no surprise working with pure platinum. I’ve used two papers both Rascombe Mill’s Buxton Platinum as well as the Weston Parchment Diploma — Plat Pal. In both cases under seemingly identical situations, I would get a completely printed out print and then only a partially printed out print. I’ve worked only with post humidification to increase the print out with times of two minutes to twenty at 94 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Post humidification will increase the print out to a point but it is frustrating to find as a surprise as to what the print out will be. I’m looking for some consistency to the process.

Of course, I could seed the platinum with palladium but haven’t experimented with that yet. My question here is will that cause a color shift. I also intend to develop out the pure platinum to see how well that works and if there is a color shift as well.

But here is my emphasis for this post: what are the aesthetic differences of a print that prints out versus prints that only print out partially. The print out process allows the latent image to come up while it’s being exposed to light. The darkest areas start to impede light where the lightest areas don’t. This is where the reputation for platinum earns its credibility and creates the wonderful separation of densities. For a full print out, does the print actually have more separation of values creating less local contrast, than a developed out print? If so, then wouldn’t the developed out print, with the same DMax, be intrinsically more contrasty? And continuing this thought, would the ┬ápartially printed out print therefore be more contrasty in the highlights? Or in other words, would the values in the highlights block up compared to the full print out version? And following this thread, would the difference be enough to be noticeable?

Tied in with each of the steps to achieve the intended result, will there be an inherent color shift? The answers, of course, is to continue experimenting……..

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