Seeding pure Platinum is that an oxymoron?

In a previous blog, I conjectured about what it would take to get a full printout without having to manipulate the print in any way such as post humidification or using a traditional platinum’s developer. I ran the experiment of coating a 100% solution of platinum but mixing it in the shot glass that had the residue from a palladium print. In other words, a percentage that is insignificant. Two questions were answered with this experiment, one: the platinum print printed out without any difficulty and two: there was no color shift.

I also printed percentages of platinum to palladium ratio of 90/10, 67/33 and 50/50 as well as 100% palladium. As expected the palladium warmed the print where the platinum is almost dead cold. On Buxton, the palladium shows an orangish color.

Until I work with different matt hues, I’m not sure which I prefer. The 100% palladium is just too much and perhaps the 100% platinum is too but the 90% and 67% sure are nice! After two years, I have prints that are not mottled, are crisp in local contrast and have tones that are really quite pleasing. I’m a happy camper.

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