Stainless steel mixed with noble metals fiasco update


the fritted filter only captured some of the black metal bits. Coating with this palladium mixture left a very dense fog on all papers. The best that I can guess is that this is a colloidal suspension (a black solid compound of stainless steel and palladium) floating happily about in 60 ml of palladium solution. That’s 120ml of working solution after it’s mixed with the ferric ammonium oxalate.

The good thing is that the shelf-life of palladium (both traditional and Ware) is probably indefinite as long as it’s not mixed with one of the light sensitive oxalate compounds. So, I will hopefully learn sometime in the future that I can

  1. filter out the offending solid metal
  2. centrifuge it out
  3. let it precipitate out (it may never)
  4. throw it out as an expensive lesson

I’m open to suggestions to those who know something about this problem.

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