Traditional Palladium and Clearing Baths

Not too long ago, I queried Dr. Ware about the possibility of using his three bath clearing system which is 1. di sodium EDTA, 2. Hypo Clearing Agent and 3. tetra sodium EDTA. In Dick Arentz’ book, he suggests using various clearing agents and ranks them in effectiveness none of which include the low pH di sodium EDTA. Without a response as of yet from Dr. Ware, I ran the experiment with the traditional develop out palladium process using both Ammonium Citrate and Potassium Oxalate as developers. I wasn’t surprised that the traditional palladium process cleared just as well as with Dr. Ware’s if not better. I was surprised that unlike the 1/2 percent hydrochloric acid I was using in previous test runs, the DMax didn’t lighten up. My blacks were blacker than previously. What a wonderful surprise, and a testament to the wonderful work Dr. Ware has done for the hand coated iron based processes!

Notes: 4 parts Ferric Oxalate to 1 part Ferric Oxalate with K Chlorate restrainer to 5 parts Palladium. Coated with a puddle pusher on a towel on the Parchment Diploma Plat Pal paper. Dried 10 minutes at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Let sit for a minimum of 15 minutes in a room at 72F with 62-64 percent humidity. Used a humidification chamber for 9 minutes at 72F with a water temperature of 69.9 to 70.3F then exposed to an arch lamp. Developed in either KOxalate or NH4Citrate for two minutes and cleared as mentioned above for at least ten minutes in each bath.

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