The Print

The prints in my Gallery are all twenty by seven inches in size. To be exact, they’re twenty and an eighth inches by seven and an eighth. The ratio of platinum to palladium is two thirds platinum to one third palladium.

Of course, the platinum needs something to adhere to, and the choice of paper is critical. Not only does the archival quality of the paper make for the longevity of the print, the quality of the paper affects the resulting tone as well. The paper I chose is Weston’s Diploma Parchment – Plat Pal which is specifically produced for platinum printing.

Weston’s Diploma unlike so many other papers has the ability to hold detail in the highlights. The paper’s tint has an almost peach warmth to it. I chose the combination of two-thirds Platinum to one-third Palladium because the tone shows a slight and very pleasing warmth which compliments the paper’s tint. Pure platinum was too cold and faught the tint of the paper, and pure palladium didn’t quite have the black which platinum does so well.

2 Responses to The Print

  1. Detlef Kopp says:

    Hi Dana,

    Good to meet you last weekend! I checked out your website and like your work. That gnarled tree with the horsehead burned into the bark is terrific. Likewise the ent tree. Perhaps we could invite it to one of our walks? It would be interesting to hear the stories it has to tell=).
    The frames work great at the lake picture. If you look at them individually, they are entirely different, yet they form one whole – a simile about life itself.

    Looking forward to our next meeting. Tschuess,


  2. dana says:

    People point out things in my images that I didn’t see before; that’s terrific! Your comment on each frame standing on its own is critical in the success of a print. It’s difficult to find scenes with all four frames that can do that, and therefore I have less horizontal images than vertical.

    I looked at the snowshoes the other day and look forward to our next outing!

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