My First Post

At this stage, I am reasonably comfortable with my technical and artistic achievements. Of course there is always something new to learn in this field, and I’m really getting antsy about trying out the new Chrysotype method. But alas, the challenges I have ahead of me are to learn how to function in the online world. Blogging is new, having a webpage made and then having to upkeep it is new. Digital negatives are new. I’m much more comfortable in the analog world even though I took a few programming and IT classes, it just isn’t yet a comfortable realm for me.

I presume this is my new mistress having to fill out blogs twice a week to keep the hungry hoards happy (HHH) ha ha. I am not comfortable sending my thoughts into the ether, but then I am really looking forward to the conversations that will arise on the subjects I feel passionate about: art and utility, objectification of women, lumping nudity with pornography, cool versus warm prints, glossy versus hand coated prints, how the 2D image has affected our value system, wine, art paper, and of course I love cats, and future subjects.

But who reads this stuff. I’ll have students discover my blog and website or perhaps I’ll advertise it to them. Considering my position, I hope to stay out of political and faith based discussions not because I am not interested in them but because the discussions are usually fruitless and only produce unease. No, I hope to stay in the area where the mutual benefit of beauty in art enriches everyone’s life. blah blah blah –and I’m looking forward to it!

Well how’s that for my first blog?

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  1. friend says:

    Nice looking site!

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