My new classes

I’m so excited. I believe there is nothing more gratifying than being an effective teacher. My new classes are full of bright eyed and for some a bit intimidated newcomers to the art of photography. I just introduced them to the darkroom and after a short explanation of how to use the enlarger, turned out the lights to give them an idea of the delight of working in the dark. They did pretty well. This is going to be so much fun!

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2 Responses to My new classes

  1. Barry says:

    After taking ISW, what new ideas do you have?

  2. dana says:

    For those not familiar with Sierra College’s lingo, ISW stands for Instructional Skills Workshop where we learn how to be better at our profession.

    Barry, this semester I’m making a small change which I hope has big returns. Some students move at a slower pace than others especially with the hands-on element of the course. Instead of trying to keep each student up with the course, instead I’m grading them on the number of assignments completed where they must get the material of that assignment before they move on. I’m not sure if that’s risky or not. Nevertheless, I’m now also allowing extra credit which will only be counted if they complete all the required assignments by a certain date. It’s all spelled out in the syllabus.

    What I hope to gain from this approach is a core understanding of the basics by all students regardless of their ultimate grade.

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