February Walk

The Spring semester is now in full swing, meaning my workload is decreasing and the students’ workload is increasing. I finally got a chance to get out for a walk on Hirschman’s trail and found the temperature to be in the 70’s, a bit chilly I know for Californians, but I like the cooler weather. Though the leaves from the deciduous trees have all fallen, Spring is showing up in many trees due to the abnormally high temperatures–the fruitless plums are in full bloom on my campus. Nevertheless, Winter is in full swing on the Hirschman’s trail. Perhaps because it’s about 500 feet higher in elevation than my campus.

Because of the wintery aesthetics on the trail, this February day I found that I preferred photographing with my 35mm film camera rather than the digital. With the fallen leaves, the color has fallen too. It’s the contrast of values in the scene rather than color that makes the film camera more attractive to me. This shot is one of three scenes I photographed with the digital:


I’m hoping that I will get the chance to photograph more now that the demand on my time has fallen. I have four or five rolls of 35mm to process and am looking forward to getting back in the darkroom. It’s a good feeling!

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