Tollhouse Cookies Update

Yes, using half the shortening keeps the cookie from spreading. Also, I used turbinato sugar, basically raw sugar, which is very granular and put it through a coffee grinder and in seconds produced powdered sugar. I’m quite satisfied with the cookies overall results.

What I’d like to learn, however, is how to keep the flavor of the alcohol in the coconut. It’s quite aromatic when warm, but when cooled the flavor is almost totally lost. Conundrum!

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2 Responses to Tollhouse Cookies Update

  1. Shy says:

    You should definitely make these cookies for the last day. :] I really want to try them, and was tempted to try to make them myself and tinker with the recipe. (I love cookies. And coconut.)

  2. dana says:

    I believe I should do that. Thanks for looking it up:)

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